Accounting Formulas You Can Use Right At Home--With Examples!

Balancing the budget is more important than ever for Canadians. From tax credits to monthly grocery money, you'll do better and stretch your money further if you pay close attention to your spending. But getting caught up in all of those numbers can be daunting for the average homeowner, so how do you cope? Make use of simple accounting services or formulas, and you'll be ahead of the game in no time. [Read More]

Give A Gift That Will Help Your Kids Stay Financially Stable - Credit Counselling Services

Most people wait to seek credit counselling services until they are at a point of financial desperation. If you have gone through this, you probably understand how hard life can be when you cannot pay your bills. Instead of letting your kids learn this hard lesson on their own, why not give them credit counselling services before they need it. Not only will this help them learn how to manage their money, but it may help them stay debt-free for the rest of their lives. [Read More]

4 Ways To Avoid Bankruptcy

When debts are mounting and your financial picture begins to feel hopeless, it might seem like the only option is to declare bankruptcy. Before taking such a drastic step however, it may be wise to consider alternatives. Here are four possible ways to tackle your debts and improve your finances while avoiding bankruptcy: Consumer Proposal One of the best alternatives to bankruptcy is a consumer proposal. Instead of having to pay an insurmountable amount of debt, with a consumer proposal you pay what you can afford while still getting to officially rid yourself of the debts. [Read More]

In Over Your Head In Debt In Alberta? Consider These Three Bankruptcy Alternatives

Are you struggling in a sea of debt in Alberta, Canada? You're not alone. Economic times are tough, and it is easier than ever to find yourself unable to pay all of your bills. Your first inclination might be to go see a bankruptcy trustee about filing bankruptcy and getting your debts discharged. While this is an excellent solution for many people, and may ultimately be the right one for you, you should know that it is not your only option in most cases. [Read More]